Holiday Home Staging

Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

Fall and winter seasons lend themselves to home decorating and to what could be perceived as clutter if you’re selling your home this time of year. Staging your home with holiday decorations is not impossible, but remember to follow a couple of guidelines so potential buyers aren’t distracted from the key features of your house.

First, check that your holiday decorations coordinate well with your interior. Orange, burgundy, and brown may be common for autumn while red and green are traditional winter holiday colors. If those color combinations don’t go well with your home’s color scheme, then stick to simple touches like a bowl of pine cones, dried leaves and branches, or an evergreen wreath with cream accents. There's also the simple, easy, and colorful cluster of multicolored gourds that are available in most major grocery stores these days. You can't go wrong with bringing elements of nature indoors! For the Christmas holidays, try festive combinations like white and navy that coordinate well with many types of decor, or find a unique color combination that fits your home more specifically.

Second, keep it simple. For example, a fireplace will get lost among an overly decorated mantel. Instead add just a few decorations that highlight the hearth so you can focus on what a nice feature it is to have in chilly weather. Keeping it simple may translate into removing decorations all together or as needed at the time of showings. In one home I staged, the fall decorations were very sparse. It was also something my client didn’t mind removing. I encouraged her to tuck the decorations away when showing the home and just put them back for her and her family to enjoy while they celebrated during the holidays. Remember these tips can be applied to the exterior of your home as well: use fewer colors and limited decorative items. Lining the roof or walkway with basic white lights and hanging a green wreath on the front door will give your home a holiday feel without taking away from the curbside appeal.

Happy Holiday Home staging!